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Pilot Writing

Michael is an avid writer with a passion for crafting original pilots that showcase diverse voices and styles. His scripts captivate with unique premises, compelling characters, and intriguing plots. If you're interested in exploring his work, don't hesitate to contact Michael; feel free to inquire about the pilots (some of which are listed below).

Battle rap on a stage for a music festival with ghostwriter for comedy pilot


Following a chance encounter, an introversive college nerd explores a new passion as he ghost-writes for a successful battle rapper. As a result, he must learn to navigate a double life, evading notice from his hovering parents, his wholesome friends, and the hardened members of the battle rap game.

Angel on someone's shoulder for comedy pilot


Two shoulder angels lose their angel-hood after a particular intervention with a college pyschology professor. As they navigate mortality, they discover the complexities of human decision-making as William introduces them to our morally grey world.

Hallmark movie holiday decor for comedy pilot


Lindsey had the Hallmark ending: she left her big lawyer job, ended things with her fiancé, and moved in with Dave who owns a Christmas tree farm in a suburb. But now that January’s hit and the magic’s gone, Lindsey must find a way to adapt to the small town life, her seasonally-employed and terrifyingly one-dimensional partner, and find new purpose and joy without a holiday miracle.

Late Night Writing

Michael has a robust background in writing the late night style. With extensive experience, including coaching and editing submission packets, he's a go-to source for exceptional content. Request late night writing samples, including his prior submissions below.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
At Midnight Comedy Show
Late Night Writer's Workshop
The Late Late Show With James Corden
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